October 1, 2018

RE: yondoo Video Transition in Kutztown

Dear Video Customer:

In Winter 2019 we are still on schedule to launch advanced TV services in Kutztown. The yondoo Vu-It! platform is an exciting new service; that allows you to enjoy your favorite OTT (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), APPs, and traditional TV integrated in the user friendly yondoo Vu-It! interface.

In order to introduce the new advanced services, we will have to upgrade the video signals in Kutztown from an analog to a digital format which will happen in phase 3. Below are the three phases:

I. Phase I is completed

• Transition to yondoo billing and support II. Phase II will begin on or about October 30, 2018

• Channel lineup updates
III. Phase III we will introduce the yondoo Vu-It! services in Winter 2019

  • Introduction of the yondoo Video ALL HD services
  • yondoo Vu-It! Enjoy your favorite OTT (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) APPs, integrated in the userfriendly yondoo Vu-It! interfaceWe look forward to providing Spectacular TV. Please call our Customer Care Team 877-213-3887 with any questions.

The yondoo Video Customer Care Team


Phase II
Channel Lineup Update

On or about October 31, 2018, new & exciting networks are coming to your yondoo Video channel lineup! The following channels will be available: Comedy.TV, C-SPAN3, ES.TV, Great American Country, Olympic Channel, One America News, Outdoor Channel, Pets.TV, and Sundance.

Channel Description

Comedy.TV: Some say laughter is the best medicine. It’s true. Standup comedy has been known to cureeverything from bad moods and frowns to fits of pouting. So for those who need a heavy dose ofhilarity, try a spoonful of “Comedy.TV.” With no traffic jams, parking debacles, or two-drink minimums of the local comedy clubs, the cleverest comedians jump onstage for a full-fledged funny fest.

C-SPAN3: C-SPAN3 was launched to provide access to additional public affairs events, particularly live coverage of key Congressional hearings. On weekends, C-SPAN3 becomes American History TV, created in 2011 to offer historical lectures, oral histories, video features and special history series.

ES.TV: ES.TV is an HD television network that features high profile celebrity interviews, movie previews, and other exciting content from Hollywood and beyond.

Great American Country (GAC): GAC features country music programming including music videos, music performance specials and live concerts, along with country lifestyle entertainment and original lifestyle programming.

Olympic Channel: The Olympic Channel maintains year-round interest in the Olympic movement, by showcasing Olympic athletes and competitions outside of the Games proper.

One America News (OAN): One America News is an American conservative cable news television channel.

Outdoor Channel: The Outdoor Channel is focused on the outdoors, offering programming that includes hunting, fishing, Western lifestyle, off-road motorsports and adventure.

Pets.TV: The network celebrates people’s love for their pets, is tailor-made for pet owners. Pet news, care, health and lifestyles are among the topics covered in the weekly series. And it’s not just the usual dogs and cats that are discussed on “Pets.TV.” The program also features segments on unusual and exotic pets.

Sundance: The channel airs documentaries, independent feature films, short films, world cinema and original programs, such as news about the latest developments from each year’s Sundance Film Festival. Plus, scripted and reality series.

When the changes occur, the following channels will no longer be available: BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Fuse, MTV, MTV Live, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network (formerly Spike), TV Land, VH1.

Thank you for being a valued yondoo Video Services customer.