The living room? Forget about it. You’re busy, relevant, on the move. You can’t sit down long enough to watch your favorite shows at home on the flat screen. And now you don’t have to.
Introducing yondoo’s new watchTVeverywhere
—FREE for yondoo customers!

How it works:

Want to watch TV on your tablet, phone, laptop or computer? All you need is an internet connection and a yondoo account. Just sign up through a simple registration process, and huzzah! TV at your fingertips, no matter where you roam.

STEP ONE: Locate your yondoo account # FIND IT HERE

STEP TWO: Register your account

  1. Go to or CLICK HERE
  2. From the “Select Your TV Provider” drop-down, choose yondoo
  3. Click “Register” at the top left of the page.
  4. Enter your yondoo account # (including all the zeros). Make sure your last name matches the name on your yondoo account.
  5. Enter your e-mail address. This will be your user name.
  6. Create a password and choose a password reset question.
  7. Click the “Register” button at the bottom of the page.

STEP THREE: Check your e-mail for a confirmation message.

Click the link inside the e-mail to activate your registration.

STEP FOUR: Spread the love.

You can add up to three people under your watchTVeverywhere account. (Just enter your yondoo account number and last name in the “Subscriber Validation” fields, then enter the names of your watchTVeverywhere peeps in the “New User” fields.